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Jabberwocky Studios Branding

April 1, 2018

Visual style creation as part of startup brand development; style guide; marketing materials; branded swag. Client: Jabberwocky Studios.

Jabberwocky Studios is a digital marketing agency / collective founded by my friend and former colleague Kokko Tso. I joined the Jabberwocky team at the company's inception in 2017, and I serve part-time as its creative director.

This was a rare opportunity to start a brand from scratch—even including non-visual elements of branding, such as the company's mission, vision, and practical services. We spent a lot of time in the sketching and brainstorming phases. This is the concept that won out early in its development.

The branding is now used on Jabberwocky's website, letterhead, internal and external documents, business cards, and swag, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, and notebooks, all of which I designed.

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