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My Process

What's it like to work with me? Pretty simple.

  1. You get an estimate. This part's free. The estimate is non-binding, but it will give you a good idea of the ballpark total cost. I work hard to meet my clients' budget needs.
  2. We collaborate on a creative brief. You'll answer my questions, I'll compile your answers, and together we'll tweak the resulting document until we're sure it describes the goals and details of the project. This forms a part of the contract, along with my standard terms and conditions document that clarifies things like copyrights and liability.
  3. I send you sketches. Depending on your timeline and the kind of project, the first thing you see from me will probably be some pen and pencil sketches representing my initial ideas. For web projects or certain digital projects, you might get simple digital prototypes and drafts instead.
  4. We work through iterations. Once you're happy with a sketch, I build a first draft. Your feedback is crucial to the project's success, and I'll work with your ideas and requests until we have a final product that you love.
  5. You stay on top of the budget with weekly invoices. I send invoices every Monday so you can keep track of what's happening with the project and make sure we stay on track for budget. You can pay me easily and securely with your bank via Intuit, or, of course, you can send a check. I charge a 5% surcharge for credit card payments.
  6. We rejoice over the final product. If your project is digital, you'll get final files. If it's print, I can work with the vendor or send you print-ready files and leave the rest to you. Your choice.

That's pretty much it! My standard rate is 85 USD/hr, but I sometimes offer discounts for non-profits and small businesses. I send out weekly invoices so you're fully informed on project progress and can make sure the budget stays on track.

Ready to get started?

You can jump right in by filling out my Creative Brief form on my contact page, or you can request a free estimate or consultation.
New Boston, NH, USA

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