Sandford Design and Illustration

Beauty works.

Have you ever used a pen that wrote such a smooth line you felt a surge of delight? Poured from a wine bottle so lovely you wanted to frame it? Read a magazine so nicely laid out that you sighed with contentment? This is the kind of result I strive for. Because attention to detail and careful craftsmanship don't just sell: they make the world a better place.

Work with me

Client Feedback

Seriously, this is fantastic work, Aaron!

— Jacob

Aaron has been incredibly helpful with projects that require a quick turnaround time and expert input to give us the professional look we see today.

— Griffin

Thank you! Your work always ends up so amazing, I find myself asking, "Wait! Is that me? I do that?"

— Mary

Wow! I REALLY like what you have done!

— Frieda
New Boston, NH, USA

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