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Times of Restoration

Times of Restoration

Times of Restoration is a bimonthly magazine published by The Kingdom Christian Ministries, an organization that hosts Christian conferences and conventions and serves as the umbrella organization for a Bible college in Dublin, NH, and several churches up and down the East Coast. The magazine is a literary journal, containing mostly original articles by friends of KCM and members of its churches.

One exciting aspect of this project was the challenge of creating a beautiful, readable product while working within the project's tight constraints. Print production is handled in-house on a low budget (the magazine is offered for free, donation suggested), which means no full-bleed printing, copy paper for stock, and only a few spreads of color printing per issue. The design embraces those limitations, maintaining a consistent margin and using color thoughtfully for maximum impact.

Even more exciting was the chance to work on a creative blank slate. Before I took over design of the magazine in November, 2016, the layout was not done professionally, and KCM gave me the green light to redesign the entire magazine from scratch. I used Josef Müller-Brockmann's fantastic grid system, adopted Kepler and Aktiv Grotesk as the primary fonts, and built styles and conventions on these foundational choices. The result is a clean, consistent style that leaves room for variation, nicely balancing interest and variation with elegant simplicity and a literary brand.


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