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Winona 2013-2014: Hillsdale College Yearbook

Winona 2013-2014: Hillsdale College Yearbook

I was the editor in chief of the Hillsdale College yearbook both my junior and senior years. This is the product of my senior year. I didn't have much project management experience the first time around, and it was great to be able to put what I had learned that year to use. I had some great people on my team, and I loved the dance of harnessing their creativity while maintaining consistency throughout the publication.

We used a mosaic of squares and rectangles in a consistent grid as a visual theme and established a harmonious palette with enough colors to allow us to color code each section. My assistant editor Ryan (whom you can see with me in one of the spreads pictured in the gallery below) thought up and designed several inside-joke-loaded maps of the library and cafeteria, which were probably my favorite part of the whole project.


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